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ANOTHER thing i appreciate about fallout new vegas is that arcade is a research scientist with terrible bedside manner and he’s your healer. irl research and practice have a really hard time communicating and there’s a huge difference between “nutrition researcher” and “clinician who deals with bodily trauma” so i can guarantee you he’s making up like 60% of the medical assistance he provides and pads it with elaborate terminology. he probably thinks to himself “oh shit i’ve seen a gnarly black-and-white picture of this symptom in a textbook. like 5 years ago tho. was it bacterial or viral??? maybe it was a parasite of some kind. i don’t fucking remember public health is fake in the wasteland anyway no one at the old mormon fort gives a shit about antibiotic resistance except me” then bitterly spouts some science bullshit while stabbing the courier with a stimpak and undisclosed antibiotic. ur whole team is barely qualified for anything they are but arcade is living a special hell of his own and i appreciate him

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